Here’s all the bands I’ve been in over the years.

Eat Your Robot

Bass | 2011-2014 | Artwork | Videos

That Winning Smile Of Dinner (2013, EP)


Guitar, Backing Vocals | 2009-2011 | Website | Artwork | Videos

Last Of The Juggernauts (2011, LP)


Bass | 2008-2009 | Artwork | Videos

Olid (2009, EP)

Thumpermonkey Lives!

Bass | 2004-2009 | Website | Artwork | Videos

We Bake Our Bread Beneath Her Holy Fire (2010, LP)
Bring Me Sun For Breakfast (2007, LP)
Chap With The Wings, Five Rounds Rapid (2006, LP)

The Doghouse Riley Band

Bass, Backing Vocals | 2006-2008 | Website? | Artwork | Videos

Tooting Progressive Club (EP)
South London based Rocking Teenage Combo. Art school girls beware.

The Device

Electronics | 2007-?? | Artwork | Videos

Dinner With Friends (EP)
Delightful Songs & Laudable Discussions (2007, LP)
Malign Meddlings (2007, EP)


Vocals, programming | 2001-2004 | Videos

The Greatest Hits Of Stonasaurus (2008, LP)
The Satanic Rites Of Stonasaurus (2004, LP)
The greatest hip-hop group ever to arise from Norwich, England. Featuring Rev. Mike and Baron S. on poems & politiks, Steve Potatoes on knob-twiddling, plus Jessica Rabbit, Dirty D Patrick and Cron-Plant among the guest vocalists.

The Devil Ship Pirates

Guitar | 2004-2005

Fully rocking crew of heavy metal buccaneers. Rocked the (ferry)boat for a year and a half in Norwich. Heavy Melvins and Kyuss influences.

Kiss Me! I’m Greek

Bass | 2002-2003 | Videos

Funk? Prog? World Music? I still don’t know what this band was. It had David Duchovny on lead vocals.


Vocals | 2002-2004 |Videos

Dancefloor metal for the kids. I think we played two gigs.

Flying Saucers Took My Brain

Bass, Backing Vocals | 2001-2002

Three piece rock with hints o’ emo. Once played upstairs in Beanos record store, which was odd.

The Peach Stones

Vocals, Guitar | 1999-2002

The Curse Of Skull Monkey (2001, LP)
Unleash The Mechanical Vampire Penguins (1999, LP)
Unique and unstoppable cover-band gone awry.


Bass, Vocals | 1998-2000

Sixth form indie-muffin rock.